Fifty Attend fracking meeting in Brighton

Fifty people attended last night’s meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) at Community Base in Brighton. The meeting, hosted by South Coast Climate Camp, watched the Ecologist film ‘Fracking Hell‘ and listened to a presentation on plans for fracking in the UK.

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Fracking, which in has caused earthquakes in Lancashire and extensive ground water contamination in the US, is spreading in this country. ‘Earthquake firm’ Cuadrilla – who admit causing fifty seismic events in Lancashire – has plans to frack in Balcombe,West Sussex.

Cuadrilla has gained planning permission at Balcombe, including a provision to pump thousands of gallons of water and chemicals into the ground in an effort to crack underground structures and release gas. The Australian and Cayman Islands-owned firm has also prepared a drill pad and dug  a preparatory hole one mile south of the village.

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The meeting discussed ways to resist Cuadrilla’s unwelcome threat to Balcombe’s water and geological substructure. Action points from the meeting ranged from writing to MPs to taking direct action, as well as contacting water companies and reaching out to local community groups. The next meeting will be held 4 January, 7.30pm, at Brighton University buildings, Grand Parade, Brighton.

To get involved join the Facebook group No Fracking in Sussex

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1 Response to Fifty Attend fracking meeting in Brighton

  1. The schematic diagram of the proposed well is alarming, but not all may be as it seems. There is an apparent confusion between the ‘length’ of any planned fracture, i.e. the distance from its originating point in the well-bore, and its ‘height’, i.e. the vertical distance from top to bottom of the planned fracture. These are not generally the same & are influenced by the mechanics of pumping the fracture stimulation.

    It would be unusual for any frac height to exceed that of the interval of interest, because a) it is a waste of energy to frac into non-productive rock, & b) fraccing out of the source rock {or fraccing the upper cap-rock} might produce a flow channel by which the valuable hydrocarbon could escape recovery.

    Additionally, there is a difference as to whether the frac is started from a vertical or horizontal well-bore.

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