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Gasland Screening, 22nd Feb, Forest Row

22nd Feb – Gasland, Forest Row, 22nd Feb, 7.30, Freshfield Hall A chance to watch the Oscar-nominated Gasland – the film that lifted the lid on the evils of hydraulic fracturing. Come to learn more & discuss this alarming threat … Continue reading

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61 towns block fracking in New York State

The anti-fracking movement in the United States is gaining in strength and numbers. In New York State, 21 towns have declared bans; a further 40 have declared moratoria; 35 have movements for a ban or a moratorium (see here for … Continue reading

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Balcombe MP appointed Cuadrilla director to government

Balcombe MP Francis Maude Balcombe MP Francis Maude appointed Lord Browne, a director of Cuadrilla Resource Holdings Ltd, to the Cabinet Office in June 2010. The Cuadrilla executive ‘works closely‘ with the cabinet office board, chaired by Maude, in his … Continue reading

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Europe against Fracking – a continent says: NO!

The last six months has seen anti-fracking sweep Europe. In an extraordinary upsurge of citizen-led pressure, European governments, state legislatures, civil liberty groups, activists and residents have all taken up arms against the hydraulic fracturing industry. Grassroots organisations have staged … Continue reading

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Cuadrilla documents: Balcombe water vulnerable to fracking

A Cuadrilla report into the Lancashire earthquakes of summer 2011 show fracking fluid disrupted a previously unknown fault. This fault then caused the earthquakes. A similar inability to find faults under Balcombe would lead to a pollution of Sussex’s groundwater. … Continue reading

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Company documents contradict Miller’s ‘We have no intention to frack in Balcombe’

At Wednesday’s meeting at the Victory Hall in Balcombe, Cuadrilla CEO Mark Miller repeatedly stressed Cuadrilla had no intention to frack at the company’s site in Balcombe. Despite intense audience scepticism and the Alice in Wonderland thinking of a company … Continue reading

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Press and media coverage of Balcombe fracking meeting

Press Telegraph – Guardian – BBC – Mid Sussex Times – TV & Radio links (links may not work for too long) Meridian News – BBC Radio Southeast – Web

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Earthquake firm plans to frack 500 feet below Sussex water supplies

(sources: Appendix C, Caudrilla’s Balcombe planning permission & Cuadrilla’s submission to the Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change) Earthquake firm Cuadrilla plans to extract gas from Balcombe just 500 feet below the local aquifer. Drilling documents (see p12 of the pdf) … Continue reading

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About the Balcombe Lower Stumble drill site

The drilling licence at Balcombe is called ‘Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) 244’ and is owned by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd and their parent company, AJ Lucas. Cuadrilla also owns a subsidiary company, Bolney Resources. Bolney’s 2010 Director’s Report states: … Continue reading

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Fracking new development in long Sussex drilling campaign

Wildcatters have regularly drilled the Sussex chalk to search for fossil fuels. Most operations were looking for oil, although a few have drilled for gas. It was only recently, however, that technological advances made hydraulic fracturing – and the shale … Continue reading

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