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Residents visit Cameron to make a stand against fracking

Residents from regions under threat from ‘fracking’ (hydraulic fracturing) will today deliver a letter to David Cameron calling for a ban on shale gas and coal bed methane exploitation in the UK. In an effort to step up the focus … Continue reading

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Sixteen thousand gallons of Hydrochloric Acid scheduled for Balcombe

A recent presentation by the owner of UK fracker Cuadrilla reveals the company plans to inject tens of thousands of gallons of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) into its frack sites in the UK. The presentation – by AJ Lucas, 42% owner … Continue reading

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New study shows fractures within 720 feet of Balcombe village

A new report from Durham University shows fractures from fracking operations could extend to within 720 feet of the surface at Balcombe. The report concludes maximum fracture lengths at US frack sites is 588m, or 1928 feet. Cuadrilla plans to … Continue reading

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Cuadrilla’s secret meeting with Balcombe Parish Council

Fracking company Cuadrilla has held a secret meeting with members of Balcombe Parish Council (BPC). The meeting undermines the company’s claim that ‘no firms plans have been made for Balcombe’ and was facilitated by Nick Sutcliffe, Guildford District Councillor and … Continue reading

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New Zealand city joins Frack Free movement

Christchurch, New Zealand recently joined a growing list of municipalities declaring their regions ‘frack free’. The city council unanimously voted that Christchurch would be a fracking-free zone. The city joins a growing list of councils worldwide that have banned fracking … Continue reading

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BBC Newsnight: fracking regulators inadequate

By Will Cottrell BBC Newsnight last night revealed that UK fracking regulators failed to visit sites they were supposed to be regulating. The Health and Safety Executive – in charge of the integrity of fracked wells – neglected to perform … Continue reading

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44% of wells leaking at Australian gas field

By Will Cottrell A study of a gas field in Queensland, Australia has found 44% of gas wells leaking (see p4 of this pdf). The report adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting that gas drilling inevitably leads to … Continue reading

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