Frack Free Sussex

2* A5 flyers for doors, windows and cars –

Research & Background
– Dept of Energy and Climate Change map of all UK onshore oil and gas drilling licences
– Database of all UK onshore wells drilled since 1902
– Cuadrilla planning application on West Sussex County Council website.
– Appendix C of the planning application
details the exact drilling process
– In Nov 2011 Manchester’s Tyndall Centre produced a report on fracking, including the processes involved, CO2 emissions and impact on renewable energy investment.
– Cuadrilla’s written evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee
in June 2011
– Based on this testimony (amongst others) the Committee then produced a report on Hydraulic Fracturing
– The goverment responded to this report in November – available here
– Meanwhile, the Department of Energy and Climate Change also produced a report in early 2011, summarising its idea of UK Shale reserves
– A report from the Environmental Working Group, documenting, among other things, fractures extending up to 2500 feet from boreholes (p6, 7, 20 & 21)

Anti Fracking groups around the UK:
Ribble Estuary Against Fracking (Lancashire)
The Vale says No (Glamorgan)
No fracking in Deal (Kent)
Frack Off (national activist network)
Get the Frack out of the Mendips
Walkington and Bishop Burton Action Group 

Facebook Pages:

Frack Free Sussex

BIFF!   Britain & Ireland Frack Free

Frack Off (UK)

Lingfield Anti-Fracking

No Fracking in East Kent…

No Fracking Cowden

RAFF – Residents’ Action on Fylde Fracking

Wrexham Anti Hydraulic Fracturing Movement:…

No Fracking UK

Facebook Groups:

Fracking Hell (UK)…

Frack Free DevonFrack Free Devon

Anti-fracking Network Anti-fracking Network

Poster for Forest Row Public Meeting 22nd February

5 Responses to Resources

  1. F Higgs says:

    Will the Balcombe blockade / protest continue next week?

  2. admin says:

    Here it was two A4 laminates, one in Banks Village halfway down a telegraph pole and the other on similar telegraph pole a long way down a track road that hardly anyone would have a need to go down. There was also a notice in the local paper but I have never seen any evidence of that. CR say the sent letters to everyone but oddly people that live the closest to the site didnt get one?

    Would you notice this? And even if you did would you have known over a year ago what fracking was all about?

  3. Christine Coulouris says:

    Do we know how Cuadrilla got planning permission?

    • West Sussex County Council received no objections. The issue here is that notification involved an A4 laminated document tacked to a post in a bit of woodland that very few visit. That’s the statutory notification, but it hardly counts as a public announcement.

      • Vanessa says:

        The laminate, that is no longer there:

        Was there not also some economy with the truth regarding submission to Parliament about the depth of the drill?

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