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  1. elizabeth lipsz says:

    The culture of exploitation and everything is connected: zero-hour contracts, destroying the safety net, exploitation of animals in factory farms, destruction of land and resources… all the same ethical issue.

  2. elizabeth lipsz says:

    yes, please stop it everywhere. stop fossil fuels.
    ABOUT DIRTY OIL AND FRACKING: get the real story of Alberta Oil Industry by reading : STUPID TO THE LAST DROP. It will make you cry and give you a very clear understanding of the impact of fracking on the land.
    Stupid to the Last Drop: How Alberta Is Bringing Environmental Armageddon to Canada (And Doesn’t Seem to Care) William Marsden (Author)

  3. alan jones says:

    The Government’s response to public concern on Fracking is appalling. Instead of being open and transparent, their preferred approach is to use stealth, coercion and specious arguments to facilitate the advancement of powerful vested interests. The first responsibility of the Government we elect is to us. Many of us are sick and tired of governments compromising our wellbeing and the environment in the “national interest”. This is not only about the environment; it’s about our democracy, which we like to boast about to foreign autocrats and which looks pitifully shallow in circumstances like these. Let’s never forget they work for us.

    I applaud the efforts of everyone taking a stand at Balcombe and I’ll be there on Sunday.

  4. julie farr says:

    please stop this

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