Take Action!

We must not allow the UK Government to sanction this ecocidal practice on our shores.

DECC (the Department of Energy and Climate Change) has issued a deeply irresponsible, inaccurate and misleading report asserting that fracking is safe.  It is manifestly clear  – from corporate structures and government appointments etc, that many of our legislators are misled by and/or in league with the industry.
It is now down to the British public – every one of us – to exercise our diplomatic rights to express our outrage at cynical moves to further this energy procurement technique that threatens to harm us all.

Pressingly,  please object formally to the critical English precedent of UK Methane’s application to frack for Coal Bed Methane near Bristol:  guide-to-objecting-uk-methane-application-keynsham-somerset

Please write to your MP/ MEPs / Councillors to express your disquiet about our government’s deeply irresponsible “Dash for Gas”

Details here of points to note in your objection, and template letters to MPs/MEPs and Parish/District/County Councillors are linked below.

Please also go to the 38 Degrees website here and vote for them to get behind the campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of fracking.  Add comments too, to help them understand how important it is to get behind this campaign.

“Like” and follow the Facebook Pages for ongoing developments:

Frack Free Sussex   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frack-Free-Sussex/263678780394181?sk=info

BIFF!  Britain & Ireland Frack Free https://www.facebook.com/britainandirelandfrackfree?ref=ts

Write to your Water Authorities/Companies, give them encouragement and ask their position on the threat that hydraulic fracturing poses to our water supplies. For more info, click here.

Adapt and send this letter to any Parish, District/Town Councillors in the UK.  The drilling/fracking permissions/licenses have been getting through, partly through euphemistic subterfuge and partly because our Local Govmnt Representatives didn’t know what they were saying yes to.  LETS’ MAKE SURE THEY NOW KNOW WHAT TO SAY NO TO!
(Use this quick tool to locate your District & County Councilors’ addresses)

Use this template letter to write to your MP/MEP, local businesses, Schools, Kindergartens, Hospitals, Councils, Wildlife Trusts, Water Companies, Farms etc… and anyone else you can think of … to raise awareness of threatened fracking.

Find your MP/MEPs email addresses here  (send it by post too if you can, for greater effect) and encourage them to sign the Early Day Motion calling for a UK moratorium on fracking.

You could also email our local MP, Francis Maude, and tell him your thoughts about Hydraulic Fracturing in the village – francismaudemp@parliament.uk

Especially in the light of this revelation about Mr Maude’s appointment to the Cabinet Office, of Lord Browne, Director of Cuadrilla Holdings.

Do print out our Frack Free Zone flyers for doors, windows and cars –

9 Responses to Take Action!

  1. Paul Barbara says:

    I do not trust Facebook, and I can’t find an email address to send this to, so I’ll send it as a ‘comment’:
    Jessica Ernst talking about fracking:

    ‘From an Irish perspective:
    Here are the 3 most important points and things people can do based
    on the brilliant information imparted to us by Jessica Ernst and
    Eddie Mitchel last night…

    We have to be very clear..
    1.The department of energy have set up a stearing group to look into
    the granting of licenses that would allow fracking. There is No
    representatives from the department of Health or the department of
    Agriculture on this stearing group. We need to demand that there has
    to be because of the grave concerns we have with regards to animal
    and human health.

    2.The E.P.A ( a government body- Environmental Protection Agency) are
    legally immune to any negative repercussions from decisions they make
    or environmental impact statements they may carry out on behalf of
    the government. – this needs to be changed so that they are instead
    held accountable.

    3. People need to write to Fergus O Dowd and tell him that they Do
    Not want him to grant Any exploration license to any company that
    would allow them to carry out hydraulic fracturing in Ireland.

    Any or all these demands can be sent to Minister of State Fergus O
    Dowd- or Minister for the Department of Enery, Pat Rabbitte or both-
    see details below
    People can write, call or email either or both as Jessica said speak
    from the heart so I think it’s plain and simple write in your own words to them

    We dont have to be experts , we do have to be very concerned citizens
    and their representatives….’

  2. nicki gregson says:

    hi , do you have a good information i can give out to people i know ? thanks nicki

  3. Richard says:

    Not sure how aware the community is – but it looks like property damaged caused by Fracking will NOT be covered by property insurance – see the latest news item http://stopfyldefracking.org.uk/latest-news/ — as usual the fracking / oil companies will take all the short term profit and leave the long term financial risks with the local communities.

  4. Peter Ginn says:

    Dear Balcombe,

    I am shocked and stunned that fracking is being considered as a way for the major energy companies to produce cheaper electricity. I believe in renewable energy and realistic energy solutions. Fracking is neither in my humble opinion. It must not go ahead. It will potentially endanger and certainly alter many communities in Britain. It will also push back incentives for energy companies to look to renewable energy sources. I use the word renewable rather than alternative because work like this will be “justified” by semantics.

    I wish you well in your struggle and I will be writing to your MP.

    Yours sincerely,

    Peter Ginn

  5. IAIN Andrews says:

    Fraid not Miss Balaclava, I am already going to a protest in Hove (nxt door to Brighton) about the NHS cuts.

    Please keep me informed of anything else.

    Thanks – Iain

  6. iain andrews says:

    Come on guys, its all well and good writing to MP’s and various politicians and educating the masses about this but what we need is real action – Peaceful protests, sit ins etc. I feel that what we are being told by government authorities isn’t the truth and we are letting the foothold take place under our noses.

    Is anyone up for getting involved ?

  7. sara reynolds says:

    Write to your MEP,MSP, too. To get their names and adresses go to
    and enter your postcode.

  8. Vanessa says:

    You can also write to your MP – wherever you are in the UK – and ask her/him to support the Early Day Motion calling for a Moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

    Early Day Motion 2292 – HYDRAULIC FRACTURING (FRACKING) (No. 2)

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